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18F: Engineering Director GS15

This job posting has closed.

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Basic information

Open to U.S. citizens or nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Island). Subject to background check. Full information is available on USAJOBS.

Supervisory status: Supervisory

Job title: 18F: Engineering Director GS15

Official title in USAJOBS: Supervisory IT Specialist

Number of vacancies: 1

Location: Anywhere in the U.S. (remote)

Salary range: GS-15 ($136,908 to $183,500)

Your salary, including base and locality, will be determined upon selection, dependent on your actual duty location. Please note the maximum salary available for the GS pay system is $183,500. For specific details on locality pay, please visit OPM’s Salaries & Wages page or for a salary calculator OPM’s 2023 General Schedule (GS) Salary Calculator. You can find more information in our compensation and benefits section.

Travel requirement: Occasional travel may be required up to 10% per year.

Work schedule: Full time.

Appointment type: This is a permanent position.

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Role summary

18F is an office of federal employees within the General Services Administration (GSA) that collaborates with other agencies to fix technical problems, build products, and improve how government serves the public through technology. 18F is part of the Technology Transformation Services, which is within the Federal Acquisition Service.

18F envisions a country whose government consistently offers digital services that instill pride and trust, meet user needs, are secure, and are delivered quickly and at reasonable cost.

The 18F Director of the Engineering is responsible for the engineering staff (~40 people) and engineering discipline needs of 18F. As Engineering Director, you’ll support employee development, foster inclusion, belonging, and growth within your team; lead hiring for 18F’s Engineering chapter; coach and mentor supervisors as they support their direct reports; and set the vision for engineering work on cross-functional teams to deliver digital products & services while strengthening government technology practices in ways that last beyond our formal partnerships. You’ll represent the Engineering chapter as a member of 18F Leadership. In this role, you’ll help shape how 18F creates meaningful change for our partners, government-wide practitioners, and ultimately the American public.

Key objectives

1. Develop and enable your team

  • Define and communicate engineering standards at 18F, and provide the training and resources necessary for the engineering supervisors and team to meet those standards.

  • Communicate regularly with your team, as a group and individually, to provide mentorship and guidance, and help remove obstacles to their success.

  • Develop the supervisory people management capabilities of the Engineering Chapter, including growing supervisors’ skills in areas of performance management, employee development and career growth, coaching others through difficult project and technical problems, and sponsoring team members pursuing growth opportunities.

  • Develop the supervisory business management capabilities of the chapter by breaking down 18F’s engineering business needs into pieces of work that supervisors can learn to do and coaching supervisors to do them effectively. These include capabilities such as shaping inbound opportunities to set project teams up for success and assembling cross-functional teams by matching engineers to projects.

  • Constructively address situations, issues, and behaviors. Initiate difficult conversations and clearly communicate corrective actions.

  • Oversee employee performance plans.. Provide performance evaluations for supervisors and assist them in conducting and documenting performance evaluations for staff.

  • Recognize and flag stress and fatigue in your chapter. Work with supervisors to determine support that might improve individuals’ wellbeing and mechanisms to provide that support.

  • Collaborate with other members of 18F leadership to identify and support strategic and technical training opportunities.

  • Support supervisors in the onboarding of new Engineering Chapter staff.

  • Ensure continued technical excellence in the Engineering Chapter and engineering practices at 18F.

  • Steward the Engineering Chapter’s professional development by identifying appropriate training and developmental opportunities. Incorporate equity,inclusion, and accessibility into training, speaking events, and experiential learning opportunities. Assist supervisors in tailoring approaches to individuals’ needs.

2. Provide strategic leadership

  • Set the vision for the 18F Engineering Chapter, aligning with 18F, TTS and GSA vision, goals, and values.

  • Represent the chapter in the 18F Leadership Team and communicate information back to the chapter. Convey the needs, skills and capacity of the Engineering Chapter to the broader organization. Promote transparency in how decisions are made. Regularly include others in planning and decision-making.

  • Represent 18F’s engineering and technical approaches to relevant audiences (18F, TTS, GSA, and external) and proactively pursue opportunities to share those approaches broadly and publicly, and to develop connections with other leaders in government and civic technology.

  • Lead strategic 18F initiatives as determined by the leadership team and 18F Director.

  • Coordinate with other members of the 18F leadership team to develop guidance and organizational communication around hiring, business development, project support, performance evaluation, and more.

  • Collect feedback to discuss successes and challenges, and share patterns and key feedback with the rest of 18F leadership.

  • Craft strategic, data-driven hiring plans for the Engineering Chapter that align with 18F’s hiring strategy and trends in partner needs. Include sourcing strategies and interview practices to ensure a diverse candidate pool and inclusive hiring process. Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations are followed throughout recruitment, hiring, and selection processes.

  • Set strategy for knowledge management such that key information is carried forward and key skills are learned, to ensure chapter resilience.

  • Create a work environment that fosters trust, respect, and collaboration. Uphold TTS values of inclusion, integrity, and impact.

  • Identify power dynamics; respond thoughtfully and create space for less dominant voices.

  • Promote collective success and leadership growth among chapter members. Ensure there is time for collaborative decision-making; acknowledge how others’ contributions led to achievements; and create shared ownership of success, risks, and accountability.

  • Continue to iterate and improve on 18F’s engineering approaches.

3. Help 18F build strong organization-wide practices

  • Set the vision for the 18F Engineering Chapter, aligning with 18F, TTS and GSA vision, goals, and values.

  • Lead and support your team in developing engineering discipline skills, a learning culture, and supportive relationships, especially in areas of practice specific to government technology needs.

  • As part of 18F leadership, continue to align 18F on shared processes, maintain high standards, and resolve conflicts. Connect teams to resources, amplify team successes, and help teams to pivot or adapt as needed.

  • Working in the open and sharing our stories, challenges, success, examples, and more is a critical component of how 18F strengthens technology practices governmentwide. Help create the structures and practices which support refining those stories and artifacts from our project and making them broadly and publicly available.

  • As part of 18F leadership, provide oversight of partner engagements and help members of the Engineering Chapter contribute meaningfully to partner and user success.

  • Collaborate with the 18F Leadership Team and staffing leads to ensure projects are staffed with engineering expertise to ensure outcomes that meet the needs of partners as well as to support skills growth of team members.


Provide as much detail as possible on your resume so that we can evaluate your previous experience. Follow our guidance on creating a federal style resume.

Failure to provide required information may result in disqualification.

For each job on your resume, provide:

  • The exact dates you held each job (from month/year to month/year or “present”)
  • Number of hours per week you worked (if part time)


To qualify, you must have one (1) year of specialized experience at the next lower GS-grade (or equivalent). Specialized experience is defined as follows:

  • Experience managing individuals who work in the technology space
  • Experience leading a cross-functional or multidisciplinary team that provides or supports delivery of modern IT systems, software systems, or digital services
  • Experience supporting the overall planning, management, and direction of a program or business, or multiple projects or products
  • Experience building alignment with stakeholders

How to Apply

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