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Upcoming role

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Solutions will soon be accepting applications for a GS-15 - Open Data Specialist.

Applications will be open for submission on TBD. Check out Join TTS Hiring Process to learn more about the application process.

Location: Washington, DC; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Virtual (100% Remote)

Salary Range: The base salary range for this position is: GS-15 Step 1 - $109,366 to GS-15 Step 10 $142,180

The base salary range does not include any adjustment for locality. Your locality will be determined by where you live since most of our positions are remote. If the position isn’t remote, then your locality will be determined by the location of the office where the position is based.

You can find more information about this in the compensation and benefits section on our site.

For specific details on locality pay, please visit OPM’s Salaries & Wages page or for a salary calculator OPM’s 2020 General Schedule (GS) Salary Calculator.

Please note the maximum salary available for the GS pay system is $170,800

Note: You may not be eligible for the maximum salary as it is locality dependent. Please refer to the maximum pay for your locality.

Who May Apply: All United States citizens and nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Islands).

Role Summary:

Open Data Specialist - GS-15

The Federal Government collects and maintains data that affect everyone’s lives. In the last decade, the government has put substantial effort into making that data open by default, so that it can be used to inform decisions on topics such as national health, education, and transportation; fuel new and existing businesses; and support academic research. The government has made substantial progress towards opening its data through statutes and policies such as the OPEN Government Data Act and the Federal Data Strategy. is the central catalog of federal data and a focus of this effort. is seeking an Open Data Specialist to elevate these efforts and serve as a leader in the federal community, working with federal agencies and the Office of Management and Budget to head initiatives to collect and publish data standards, develop a repository of tools and guidance (, and expand the reach of open data through stakeholder engagement and by communicating its impact to the growing federal open data community. The Open Data Specialist will also guide the efforts to modernize’s systems and ensure that sharing data happens securely and in accordance with information security requirements.

The Open Data Specialist will serve the program, which is part of the Data and Analytics Portfolio of the Office of Solutions, Technology Transformation Services, Federal Acquisition Service, in the U.S. General Services Administration. This position will be the lead on a number of government- wide open data efforts including expanding the reach and impact of and direct high profile data initiatives under the OPEN Government Data Act and the Federal Data Strategy. The Open Data Specialist will coordinate with federal agencies and the Office of Management and Budget, and serve as a subject matter expert on data issues. The Open Data Specialist will also provide advice and guidance on the information security aspects of modernizing systems and products.

Key Objectives

Key objective #1: You will lead the work with federal agencies to expand their efforts on open data and adopting data standards.

  • Lead applicable actions under the OPEN Government Data Act and Federal Data Strategy including updating federal metadata standards, coordinating on data standards, and building a repository of open data tools and guidance
  • Serve as subject matter expert in working with federal agencies and the Office of Management and Budget
  • Serve as the lead on a number of high profile efforts on federal data, in coordination with federal agencies and the Office of Management and Budget
  • Lead projects under the OPEN Government Data Act and Federal Data Strategy
  • Coordinate efforts to update metadata schemas applicable to federal datasets while leveraging existing industry standards
  • Lead on collecting and publishing data standards
  • Work with OMB and Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) to develop

Key objective #2: You will expand the impact of

  • Work with federal agencies and their Chief Data Officers to add new agencies and datasets to
  • Work with agencies to expand the reach and impact of their datasets
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement with data users to improve discoverability and usability
  • Expand the impact of agency datasets by increasing the visibility and usage of
  • Research usage of federal data in research and business to communicate this impact

Key objective #3: You will apply your skills to open data implementation efforts and provide advice and guidance on information security.

  • Serve as IT Security advisor on modernization efforts
  • Provide guidance on information security considerations of improvements to the site.
  • Identify opportunities and find solutions to information security issues affecting products and services
  • Understand modern software development tools and practices including front end and back end development, database management, web APIs, and agile development.

Application Evaluation

The information in this sections outlines the criteria that your application will be evaluated against to determine if you meet the Qualifications for the position. There are two very important things to note about this step in the process:

  1. Only applications found “minimally qualified” are shared with the hiring manager and are the only candidates eligible to be interviewed
  2. The Minimum Qualification determination can only be made using the information that’s directly within your resume and directly associated your listed work experience.
    • Examples of stuff that can’t be used:
    • Links to portfolios or other external materials (Yes, the links themselves may be “directly” on the resume but the information is not).
    • Information you include in cover letters, responses to questions, etc. as these are not directly associated with your work experience
    • Lists of tools, technologies, programming languages, etc. that are listed separately from your work experience

The Qualification process is a bureaucratic requirement that we are stuck with. It’s best to think about it as the most intense and rigorous resume review you’ve ever heard of. To get through this process you need make sure your resume directly reflects the Qualifications listed below. We also have more guidance on creating a federal style resume on Join TTS Hiring Process


All applications will be reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts against a scoring rubric created for this role. In order to properly be able to evaluate your previous experience, we recommend being as detailed as possible in your resume and following our general guidance on creating federal style resume.

To qualify for this role, you must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-14 in the Federal service. Specialized experience is:

  1. Extensive experience in government open data efforts, data management, data and metadata standards, data usage and impact, and related policy issues

  2. Expertise in coordinating government-wide initiatives and implementing federal policies

  3. Demonstrated skill and experience in directing efforts to deliver improvements in website design and performance

  4. Knowledge and experience in information technology security requirements applicable to federal government websites and applying skills to secure operations of federal websites

Qualification determinations cannot be made when resumes do not include the required information, so failure to provide this information may result in disqualification.

For each job on your resume, provide:

  • the exact dates you held each job (from month/year to month/year or “present”)
  • number of hours per week you worked (if part time)

Next Steps

After the closing date/deadline:

  1. ELIGIBILITY/QUALIFICATIONS: Applicant eligibility and qualifications are reviewed.
  2. REFERRAL TO MANAGEMENT: Eligible/Qualified applicants are referred to management for review and possible interview.
  3. SELECTION/TENTATIVE JOB OFFER: If a selection is made, a Tentative Offer is extended to the selectee and suitability and/or security background investigation is conducted.
  4. FINAL JOB OFFER: A final job offer is made (typically within 40 days after the closing date/deadline for applications).
  5. FINAL COMMUNICATION TO APPLICANTS: Once the position is filled, we will notify all applicants of their final status. You may check your status by logging into USAJOBS. Go to My USAJOBS and then to Applications.

How To Apply

If you would like to learn more or if you’d like to be notified when the application is open, please sign up join our mailing list.