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Centers of Excellence - Engagement Lead

Upcoming role

This role is not yet open for application. If you would like to learn more or if you'd like to be notified when the application is open, please sign up join our mailing list.

Centers of Excellence (CoE) will soon be accepting applications for a GS-15 - Engagement Lead. The target date for when this position will be officially open to application has not yet been determined. If you’d like to be notified when this position is open, sign up to our mailing list.

Applications will be open for submission on tbd. Check out Join TTS Hiring Process to learn more about the application process.

Location: Washington, DC

Salary Range: The salary range for this position is: GS-15 Step 1 - $142,701 to GS-15 Step 10 $170,800

Please note the maximum salary available for the GS pay system is $170,800

You can find more information about this in the compensation and benefits section on our site.

Who May Apply: All United States citizens and nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Islands) and applicants must not be GSA employees or contractors

Role Summary:

Engagement Lead - GS-15

The Centers of Excellence (CoE) work directly with customer agencies to identify their needs, recommend solutions, and implementat modernization solutions. The CoE works with industry partners on the discovery and implementation of projects designed to improve services to citizens as well as build capabilities within the partner agency. Each CoE is staffed with leads who provide authoritative advice, experienced mentorship, and IT transformation services to improve service design and customer interactions across major organizational and federal government lines. Each individual CoE focuses on an area of expertise - cloud adoption, IT infrastructure optimization, customer experience, contact centers and artificial intelligence/data analytics. The number and mix of centers deployed varies by agency engagement.

As an Engagement Lead, you’ll serve as the central point of contact for the partner agency and its leadership which may include the CIO, Deputy CIO, Deputy Secretary, and CFO. For a complex engagement, you will also serve as a project manager to coordinate the multi-functional team of expert leads plus critical practices such engagement-specific procurement, change management, strategic communications, and performance management for that partner agency. In addition, you will join the broader Technology Transformation Services team, which includes more than 300 people. If you believe the government can better serve the public through citizen-focused IT modernization, we hope you’ll join us.

Key Objectives

Key objective #1: Ensure inordinately high-quality, high-impact work

  • Project manage the combined work of the CoEs at the partner agency engagement, presenting a unified view of the collective work to that partner agency.
  • Ensure CoE projects align with the agency’s strategic plan, current organizational priorities, and cultural/communications imperatives of the agency.
  • Practice risk management and risk mitigation that protect the partner agency as well as the CoE, TTS and GSA.
  • Lead performance management for the engagement, working with the team to set goals and targets then track progress and results
  • Assume responsibility for tracking all milestones and action items to completion, using existing tools and proposing the implementation of new processes when necessary.
  • Promote technical excellence and adherence to customer experience practices in each engagement.
  • Collect feedback to discuss successes and challenges, and share patterns and key feedback with C-Suite executives as appropriate.
  • Facilitate and support the sharing of knowledge, tools, and assets across the CoE’s
  • Assist the CoE engagement teams by removing barriers, troubleshooting obstacles, ensuring access to the people and resources they need, and generally making it easier for the teams to work productively.
  • Oversee acquisition activity for the engagement providing information to the partner agency, guidance to the engagement team, and coordination with the acquisition team
  • Manage the financial health of the engagement, maximizing value or return on investment.

Key objective #2: Provide an extraordinary customer experience.

  • Coordinate a strong overall customer (agency/department) transformation vision and develop an effective strategy for fulfilling that vision.
  • Use empathy and interpersonal skills to quickly build trust with partners.
  • Translate or ensure that the teams translate technical information into non-technical language and visuals.
  • Express empathy through the long compliance and security processes.
  • Serve as an intermediary between the clients and the team when needed: Provide client feedback to the team, enabling the team to make necessary changes to project performance or presentation.
  • Help partners and their leadership understand the value of agile-based program, project, and product management, user-centered design, continuous integration, and working in the open.
  • Serve as a coach to agency partners new to CoE practices, such as agile thinking, cloud adoption, automation, or assisted acquisition.
  • Actively monitor the customer experience both qualitatively and quantitatively, taking action when needed to improve the experience in the near term or throughout the engagement period.
  • Manage expectations, continuously reiterated goals, objectives, targets, values, operating principles, etc.

Key objective #3: Promote modernization, from IT modernization to adoption of design practices to shifts in work culture

  • Explore and document needs within the partner agency that are not part of the current scope.
  • Assess the change readiness of the agency partner, identifying areas that can help and hinder adoption of IT modernization projects and improvements in how the organization works.
  • Share observations and insights with the strategy group as well as with the agency partner.
  • Promote the use of human centered design, agile thinking, employee engagement practices, and other shifts likely to evolve work practices and performance
  • Participate in business development work with CoE and TTS.
  • Serve as the liaison for strategic communications relevant to the engagement.
  • Generate content - including measurements, quotes, and stories - that speak to the work, progress, and results of the engagement.
  • Serve as the spokesperson or moderator for internal or external speaking engagements relative to the engagement.

Application Evaluation

The information in this sections outlines the criteria that your application will be evaluated against to determine if you meet the Qualifications for the position. There are two very important things to note about this step in the process:

  1. Only applications found “minimally qualified” are shared with the hiring manager and are the only candidates eligible to be interviewed
  2. The Minimum Qualification determination can only be made using the information that’s directly within your resume and directly associated your listed work experience.
    • Examples of stuff that can’t be used:
    • Links to portfolios or other external materials (Yes, the links themselves may be “directly” on the resume but the information is not).
    • Information you include in cover letters, responses to questions, etc. as these are not directly associated with your work experience
    • Lists of tools, technologies, programming languages, etc. that are listed separately from your work experience

The Qualification process is a bureaucratic requirement that we are stuck with. It’s best to think about it as the most intense and rigorous resume review you’ve ever heard of. To get through this process you need make sure your resume directly reflects the Qualifications listed below. We also have more guidance on creating a federal style resume on Join TTS Hiring Process


All applications will be reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts against a scoring rubric created for this role. In order to properly be able to evaluate your previous experience, we recommend being as detailed as possible in your resume and following our general guidance on creating federal style resume.

To qualify for this role, you must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-14 in the Federal service. Specialized experience is:

Experience leading enterprise transformation and modernization projects, including the research, design, development or delivery of digital products or services. This experience must include ALL of the following:

  1. Ensuring inordinately high-quality, high-impact work.
    • Managing complex projects, including project management, risk management, performance management, financial management, and team management.
    • Coordinating acquisition and contract management activities, such as preparing statements of work and estimates.
    • Managing change efforts, including organizational assessment, relationship-building, delegation, removing, mitigating, or navigating obstacles, and internal communication.
  2. Providing an extraordinary customer experience.
    • Providing customer experience for senior management, including managing expectations, communicating about risks, progress, and conflicts, and serving as a trusted advisor.
    • Generating agreement on shared goals and expectations, including adoption of methods and practices as part of the engagement and the interdependencies of workstreams.
  3. Promoting modernization, from IT modernization to adoption of design practices to shifts in work culture
    • Generating interest in modernization opportunities, including influencing decision-making, cost-benefit or return-on-investment analysis, and defining value or benefits.

Qualification determinations cannot be made when resumes do not include the required information, so failure to provide this information may result in disqualification.

For each job on your resume, provide:

  • the exact dates you held each job (from month/year to month/year or “present”)
  • number of hours per week you worked (if part time)

How To Apply

If you would like to learn more or if you’d like to be notified when the application is open, please sign up join our mailing list.