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Product Manager

We’re hiring a Product Manager for 18F at the GS-15 level to help us build amazing products for our agency partners. This page includes key objectives for the role as well as the official job description. The Duties and Qualifications on this page are specific to the GS-15 level position. Applicants must be willing to relocate to or commute to San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, or Washington, DC. You can apply at the bottom or learn more about the application process at Join TTS Hiring Process.

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Role Summary:

Product Manager GS-15

As a Product Manager at 18F, you’ll lead cross-functional teams to deliver user-centered products using agile methodologies and modern software development practices while building capacity for product innovation in government. When you build products with a partner agency, you’ll coach them on modern product development practices so they’re set up for success in the long term.

Product managers on our team are:

  • Strategic thinkers who are comfortable defining a compelling vision and designing a measurable strategy to achieve that vision.
  • Decisive leaders who know how to motivate cross-functional teams to build the right thing.
  • Comfortable working in a consulting capacity as well as running a product directly.
  • Empathetic coaches, mentors, and advocates who help partner agency staff develop the skills to manage their own products.

Key Objectives

Objective #1: Own or steward the product vision and lead end-to-end product development

Successful product managers at 18F:

  • Establish a vision and ensure all members of the 18F and partner teams have a shared understanding of product objectives, goals, and metrics.
  • Analyze market demand and market fit, do competitive analysis, and guide build vs. buy or reuse approaches.
  • Create a product strategy and roadmap and develop a communications strategy supporting product goals.
  • Identify and proactively monitor and address product risks.
  • Lead a cross-functional team of researchers, designers, and engineers to ensure the right product is delivered to the right audience.
  • Work with the team to set and meet quality standards for any product you build.
  • Use evidence (user research, analytics, and other metrics) to make product decisions, ask “why” a lot, and recognize the difference between “we can’t do that because of bureaucracy” and “we can’t do that because of the law.”
  • Energize and motivate the team by recognizing successes and learning from failures.
  • Ensure your product complies with federal regulations such as Authority to Operate, the Paperwork Reduction Act, and Section 508.

Objective #2: Work with agency partners to make sure they’re set up for success

As a product manager at 18F, your job isn’t to deliver software; your job is to create sustainable outcomes that benefit the public. You’ll help your partners adopt a modern product development mindset and make sure they have the right team to sustain their product once 18F’s engagement with them is done. You’ll also coach and mentor agency staff, helping them develop into capable product managers in their own right.

Successful product managers at 18F:

  • Work with partners to establish in-house product ownership.
  • Help partners understand how to deliver value, rather than features, to their users.
  • Help partners navigate complex bureaucratic relationships to bring stakeholders together around a common product vision and strategy.
  • Coach the partner in agile, open source, and user-centered principles so they understand the value these practices bring.
  • Ensure the partner understands how to do day-to-day product management by coaching and mentoring junior product managers.
  • Work with partners to ensure they have the right team to continue iterating on the product beyond the engagement.
  • Work with partners to establish relationships with their security, operations, and IT teams that will help sustain the product in the long term.
  • Work with partners to develop communications strategies to sustain the product during and beyond the engagement.

Objective #3: Build institutional expertise around product management

As a member of 18F, you’ll also be part of the Technology Transformation Service. You’ll share best practices and tools with your peers across the organization. You’ll collaborate and share insights and opinions with other product managers, contributing to our growing culture of product management. You’ll share lessons learned from your work at 18F with peers and leaders to help guide our approach to digital transformation.

Successful product managers at 18F:

  • Keep abreast of product management best practices and bring them back into the organization.
  • Stay on top of new technologies and how they could help solve government problems.
  • Speak at conferences to talk about 18F’s work and share our mission.
  • Contribute to 18F’s culture of transparency by publishing accounts of your successes and failures.
  • Continually seek out new product management tools that could improve the way we work.
  • Pay attention to well-supported open source product offerings that can be reused in a government context to solve common problems (so that we help agencies not build custom tools if not needed).

Basic Information

Salary Range: Base salary GS-15 - $105,123 to $136,659

For specific details on locality pay, please visit If you are a new federal employee, your starting salary will likely be set at the Step 1 of the grade you applied to.

Who May Apply: All United States citizens and nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Islands) and applicants must not be GSA employees or contractors


To qualify, you must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-14 in the federal service. Specialized experience is:

  • Experience leading interdisciplinary product teams in the research, design, development and delivery of digital products or services. This experience must include ALL of the following:
    • Leading the development of multiple digital products or services, or leading the development of multiple features in large products - Creating and managing the product vision based on user research & metrics - Leading teams through the adoption of new tools, technologies or methodologies
  • Experience leading digital product or service development, from concept to delivery, within highly ambiguous or uncertain situations. This experience must include ONE of the following: - Leading products with multiple dependencies requiring joint releases to achieve measurable and demonstrated business objectives - Leading intrapreneurial efforts with measurable and demonstrated impact to the organization

  • Experience leading the development, delivery or integration of highly complex digital products or services. This experience must include ONE of the following:
    • Developing new products or services for startups
    • Developing products or services for legacy migrations
    • Developing products or services for large integrations
    • Developing products, services or features for large consumer products
  • Experience applying leading industry practices in the design, development and delivery of digital products or services. This experience must include ONE of the following: - Developing digital products or services using experimentation based frameworks - Developing digital products or services using iterative development methodologies - Developing digital products or services using user-centered design and planning tools - Developing digital products or services using continuous delivery methodologies

Qualification determinations cannot be made when resumes do not include the required information, so failure to provide this information may result in disqualification.

How To Apply

If you would like to learn more or if you’d like to be notified when the application is open, please sign up here.