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TTS Product Management Supervisor GS15

This job posting has closed.

Please see our other open positions.

Opportunity overview

These opportunities are located within Technology Transformation Services (TTS) which is a part of Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) in the General Services Administration (GSA). TTS applies modern methodologies and technologies to improve the lives of the public and public servants. We help agencies make their services more accessible, efficient, and effective with innovative products, platforms, and services.

Role summary

TTS is looking for talented supervisors with product management expertise to help our programs deliver better digital services to the public. As a Product Management Supervisor at TTS, you will set the vision for a team that delivers digital products, platforms, or services to agencies. You’ll support employee development, lead hiring, set a vision and goals, and represent your program to the business unit and/or TTS leadership. You will lead teams to solve large, complex problems and deliver user-centered products using agile methodologies and modern software development practices.

Key objectives

1. Provide coaching, mentorship, and professional development opportunities; support employee wellbeing

  • Ensure continued technical excellence and delivery within your team.
  • Communicate regularly with your team, within a group environment and in a group and in 1:1s, to provide mentorship and guidance, and help remove obstacles to their success.
  • Steward staff’s professional development by identifying appropriate training, developmental assignments, and/or details. Incorporate equity and inclusion into training, speaking events, and experiential learning opportunities. Tailor approaches to individuals’ needs.
  • Work with individuals to identify and develop their strengths, helping team members pursue opportunities that enhance their talents.
  • Constructively address situations, issues, and behaviors. Initiate difficult conversations and clearly communicate corrective actions and expectations.
  • Ensure employees receive reasonable accommodations and that team events are accessible.
  • Support the onboarding of new staff.
  • Conduct and document employee performance plans, mid-year, and end-of-year performance evaluations.
  • Responsible for assuring DEIA in recruitment, selection, promotion, training, awards, assignments and special program objectives to effectively use the strength of a diverse workforce.

2. Provide strategic leadership

  • Set the vision for your team, aligning with portfolio vision, mission, and values.
  • Coordinate with organizational leadership to develop guidance and organizational communication.
  • Collect feedback to discuss successes and challenges, and share patterns and key feedback with the portfolio.
  • Research, develop, and encourage technical delivery best practices and create space for experimentation and iteration.
  • Develop and implement a system for performance measures to set goals and determine overall impact.
  • Set strategy for knowledge management such that key information is carried forward and easily accessible to new team members, to make the program resilient to turnover.
  • Maintain a work environment of respect, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, mutual support, flexibility, collaboration, continuous learning, and commitment to partner needs. Ensure all perspectives are valued and included.
  • Uphold TTS values of inclusion, integrity, and impact.
  • Promote transparency in how decisions are made. Regularly include others in planning and decision-making.
  • Represent TTS to external parties, such as speaking at conferences, writing blogs, or speaking to the press.
  • Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations are followed throughout recruitment, hiring, and selection processes.

3. Provide technical leadership to team members

  • Ensure continued technical excellence and delivery within your team.
  • Manage and direct highly complex and innovative IT projects related to the delivery of products, platforms, or services to agencies and the public.
  • Find entrepreneurial and creative solutions to organizational challenges.
  • Help teams align on and adhere to shared processes, maintain high standards, and resolve conflicts. Connect teams to resources, amplify team successes, and help teams to pivot or adapt as needed.
  • Identify risks to project delivery and seize opportunities.
  • Promote collective success; make time for collaborative decision-making in project work; acknowledge how others’ contributions led to achievements; and create shared ownership of success, risks, and accountability.
  • Incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility practices into project work. Identify power dynamics within teams and with partners, and respond thoughtfully. Create equitable space for all team members.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships at various levels within an organization and champion diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • Collaborate across organizations to build strategic relationships, achieve common goals, and to resolve sensitive issues.
  • Advocate for agile, open source, and user-centered principles so that stakeholders and partners understand the value these practices bring.
  • Ensure project teams align on and adhere to shared processes, maintain high standards, resolve conflicts, and pivot or adapt as needed.
  • Ensure project teams research, develop, and encourage technical delivery best practices and create space for experimentation and iteration.
  • Cooperatively negotiate disagreements and mediate compromises.

4. Build institutional expertise around product management

  • Stay on top of new technologies and how they could help solve government problems.
  • Focus attention on well-supported open source product offerings that can be reused in a government context to solve common problems.
  • Direct and share insights and opinions with other product managers, contributing to our growing culture of product management.
  • Use effective research design methods to collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative feedback from customers & stakeholders to evaluate program/product performance and success.

TTS teams hiring for this role

There are several TTS teams hiring for this role. Once applications are reviewed, hiring teams will identify candidates that they are interested in interviewing. We will then follow up with candidates to discuss their interest in the role(s). Candidates may interview for roles with multiple teams. Unfortunately, we are only able to reach out to those that are selected for an interview. Teams hiring for Product Management Supervisors:

Basic information

Location: Virtual (100% Remote)

Salary Range: The salary ranges for this position are:

  • GS-15 Step 1 $136,908 to GS-15 Step 10 $183,500

Your salary, including base and locality, will be determined upon selection, dependent on your actual duty location.

You can find more information about this in the compensation and benefits section on our site.

For specific details on locality pay, please visit OPM’s Salaries & Wages page or for a salary calculator OPM’s 2023 General Schedule (GS) Salary Calculator.

Please note the maximum salary available for the GS pay system is $183,500

Note: You may not be eligible for the maximum salary as it is locality dependent. Please refer to the maximum pay for your locality.

Who May Apply: All United States citizens and nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Islands).

Travel requirement: Occasional travel may be required up to 10%-20% per year.

Security clearance: Public trust. Background investigation required.

Work schedule: Full time.

Appointment type: Permanent hire. This is not a term limited opportunity. Applicants who are selected for this opportunity will have career conditional status in the federal government for their first three years of employment and transition to career after three years. This means you will be a permanent federal employee with no expiration date.

Job Family (Series): 2210 IT

Employee benefits: Learn more about the benefits we offer.

  • Health insurance (choose from a wide range of plans)
  • Life insurance coverage with several options
  • Sick leave and vacation time, including 10 paid holidays per year
  • Thrift Savings Plan (similar to a 401(k) plan)
  • Flexible work schedules and telework
  • Transit and child care subsidies
  • Training and development
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Training and development
  • Direct Deposit of salary check to financial organization required.


Provide as much detail as possible on your resume so that we can evaluate your previous experience. Follow our guidance on creating a federal style resume.

Qualification determinations can’t be made when resumes don’t include the required information. Failure to provide required information may result in disqualification.

For each job on your resume, provide:

  • The exact dates you held each job (from month/year to month/year or “present”)
  • Number of hours per week you worked (if part time)

All applications will be reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts against a scoring rubric created for this role. In order to properly be able to evaluate your previous experience, we recommend being as detailed as possible in your resume and following our general guidance on creating federal style resume.


Have IT-related experience demonstrating EACH of the four competencies listed below:

  • Attention to Detail - This skill is generally demonstrated by assignments where the applicant investigates and evaluates “state of the art” technology of the industry.
  • Customer Service - This skill is generally demonstrated by assignments where the applicant confers with users to evaluate the effectiveness of, or identify the need for, computer programs or management systems.
  • Oral Communication - This skill is generally demonstrated by assignments where the applicant persuades others to take a particular course of action or to accept findings, recommendations, changes, or alternative viewpoints.
  • Problem Solving - This skill is generally demonstrated by assignments where the applicant identifies and accommodates technology and resource constraints;


To qualify, you must have one (1) year of specialized experience at the next lower GS-grade (or equivalent). Specialized experience is defined as follows:

GS15 qualifications:

  • Experience leading the development, delivery or integration of highly complex digital products or services.
  • Experience crafting or creating product vision, strategy or road maps.
  • Experience with agile or iterative development methodologies.
  • Experience supporting the overall planning, management, and direction of a program or of projects.
  • Experience building alignment with stakeholders.

How To Apply

Submit a complete online application prior to 11:59pm ET on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Please fill out all applicable fields.

Click here to apply

Need Assistance in applying or have questions regarding this job opportunity, please email TTS Talent Team at

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