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Navigating the hiring process

Don’t let the federal hiring process seem daunting. We demystify it below, so you know what to expect. Here’s a look at the average time of each stage from application to your first day at TTS.

Process Stage Average Duration/Days
Application collection 5
TTS application review 5
GSA HR application review 10
Interviews 30
Offer and security 30 to 60
Total from application to start 80 to 110


When you apply for a role at TTS, you’ll need to submit a government-style resume. We collect applications during the period specified in the Basic Information section of the job posting, generally five-10 days. After the period has closed, we review and evaluate all applications at the same time.

Veterans’ Preference is applied for candidates who have claimed their veteran status.


It typically takes two-three weeks from the initial phone screen to the formal interview. The process usually begins with a 30-minute preliminary screening by phone or video. During this call, plan to talk briefly about your skills, experience, and professional passion. We’ll share more about the role, the teams, and the work we do on a daily basis.

If we think, based on the initial call, you could be a good fit for the role, we’ll invite you to a series of formal video interviews with different TTS team members. It’s during these longer conversations that we’ll discuss your past work experience in addition to the skills and knowledge that you bring with you to TTS.

If TTS identifies you as a strong candidate after we complete the interviews, a TTS recruiter will reach out to you with next steps.

Security and Onboarding

The hiring process continues in partnership with GSA’s (our parent agency) Human Resources team. They’re responsible for extending tentative and official final offers. The process is as follows:

  • A GSA HR specialist will call you with a tentative offer. “Tentative” means the offer is contingent on a security clearance. This offer will include salary for your consideration.
    • Please note: This is only a tentative offer. At this point you should not give notice or resign from your current employer. You should delay these steps until you receive the final offer with a confirmed start date from HR.
  • Once you have accepted the tentative offer, you will receive an email from the HR onboarding system. You will need to login and accept your tentative offer.
  • Once you accept your tentative offer, you will complete a series of forms and receive a USAccess email requesting you to schedule a time to provide your fingerprints for your security clearance and complete a e-QIP security questionnaire.
  • Once your e-QIP has been initially cleared, you will receive an interim security clearance, and a GSA HR specialist will call you with a final offer.
  • At this stage, GSA HR and the TTS Talent team will work with you to identify and set a start date.

Security Clearance Documents

All government positions require some level of background check. Most roles at TTS require a public trust position clearance, which is more thorough than most private-sector background checks but not as intensive as a higher government security clearance. The clearance process adds some time and forms to the hiring process, but the GSA Human Resources team will guide you through it.