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TTS Offices


There are six offices within TTS; below is a description of each one and the open positions available. If you have questions about a role, please reach out to our Talent Team at and a recruiter will reach out to you.

TTS Front Office

The TTS Front Office is made up of the TTS Director and FAS Deputy Commissioner, their advisor(s), the TTS Chief of Staff, and their administrative support. The TTS Front Office is responsible for defining the TTS strategy and setting priorities for the organization as a whole in order to further the TTS mission. The TTS Front Office is responsible for any major organizational decisions and speaks on behalf of TTS to GSA leadership.

Centers of Excellence

The IT Modernization Centers of Excellence seek to accelerate the modernization of IT to improve customer experience and reduce legacy IT spending across the government by leveraging private sector innovation, existing government services, and providing access to best practices and expertise. The CoE will manage centralized, function specific talent, solutions and acquisition vehicles. The CoE is made up of five offices whose work includes: standing up customer experience programs, accelerating cloud adoption, consolidating data centers, implementing contact centers of the future and developing metrics and dashboards to drive process improvement. Find out more about the Centers of Excellence.

Office of Operations

The Office of Operations keeps TTS running smoothly and ensures that the team has the tools needed to focus on the TTS mission. The Office of Operations oversees several operational teams that support the work of TTS.

  • Talent: Recruitment, tackling HR challenges, overseeing the onboarding process, navigating people operations, and hiring folks like you!
  • Business Operations: Financial management, contract development, travel, and business processing services across all of TTS.
  • Governance and Compliance: Develops guidance, ensures governance, and collects and publishes data that enables TTS to focus on high-performance and efficiency.

Office of 18F

18F partners with agencies to help them build and buy digital services that instill pride and trust in the federal government. 18F works hard to ensure that the government is meeting user needs and implementing strong security practices. 18F strives to deliver on time and within budget while meeting the needs of our partner agencies. 18F is made up of software developers, designers, strategist, and business operations folks. Consider joining the 18F team.

Office of Acquisitions

The Office of Acquisitions includes developers, designers, product managers, and contracting officers who believe that federal procurement can be joyful. The Office of Acquisitions helps the government become a better buyer of technology by establishing a better understanding of an agency’s problem, scoping their solicitation, and buying what they need through innovative contracting vehicles. After the award is made, the cross-functional team within the Office of Acquisitions manages the vendor relationship to ensure delivery of a high-quality product or service. The team also consults with federal, state, and local partners to help them structure acquisitions so that they can benefit from modular procurement, agile software development, and open source technology.

Office of Products and Programs

The Office of Products and Programs (OPP) is made up of program managers, product owners, writers, customer experience specialists, engineers, data scientists, and user experience designers who work to deliver government services and information to the public, as well as shared tools and resources to federal agency partners. Through programs like,, and, OPP works with agencies to improve the public experience with government. OPP also offers solutions to agencies seeking to modernize IT, like FedRAMP and the Digital Analytics Program. OPP’s reach is tremendous, with thousands of agency partners and millions of customer interactions. Find out more about the Office of Products and Programs.

Presidential Innovation Fellows

The Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) program is made up of mid- to senior-level individuals with a proven track record of success in entrepreneurship, strategic design, technology, innovation, and modern product management. In the PIF program, fellows team up with agency changemakers to tackle the nation’s biggest and most pressing technology challenges, such as improving access to education, fueling job creation and the economy, and expanding the public’s ability to access their personal health data. Fellows serve a 12-month tour of duty in Washington, D.C. with fellowships typically starting in late summer or early fall. Apply to become a Presidential Innovation Fellow.